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Michele Shares Her Birth Story and Why She Chose a Male Doula

Michele had a typical pregnancy with all the glam of exhaustion, great hair, makeup induced glow, and self described cankles. She used her male doula and husband to coach her through contractions with a system of position changes. By preparing for labor with music and essential oils, she was able to push through with an unmedicated hospital birth. Wilder was born to Beyonce as Michele roared her out. She had a “normal” postpartum with the highs of having a new beautiful baby girl and food coming on speed dial, and lows of husband hatred due to lack of sleep and toe curling nursing.

Michele Pellicer Bio

Michele lives in St. Augustine, Florida with her husband, Teeny, daughter, Wilder, and dog, Sailor. She and her husband have been married for 5 years living the whole time in their hometown where they are surrounded by a village of family and friends. They take in the lush Florida landscape by boating, camping and hiking all year long. You can connect with The Pellicer Family on Instagram @pellicerfamilyroots.


Nursing and Cursing
Active Labor by Janet Balaskas
Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon

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