Hospital Birth and Homebirth in the UK

Both of Charity’s babies were born in the UK. After excitedly planing for an unmedicated hospital birth centre birth, Charity had to quickly change her expectations when she was told her baby would be delivered via cesarean section. Her body and baby disagreed with the doctor, and her son was born vaginally on the operating table as preparations were being made for surgery. For her second birth, Charity was determined to have a greater ability to advocate for herself and her baby, so she and her husband hired private midwives to help deliver the baby at home. Her second son was born in a birthing tub in the living room of her small flat in central London.

Charity Eyre Wright Bio

Charity has looked forward to having a baby since her earliest memories, and is now mom to two boys, a just-turned two year old and a five month old. Charity is an American but has lived in London for the past three years with her husband. She is a stay-at-home parent with a professional background in education, and is passionate about women educating themselves about the wonder and power of pregnancy and childbirth. Connect with her on Instagram @charityeyrewright or at

homebirth in UK


The Gift of Giving Life: Rediscovering the Divine Nature of Pregnancy and Birth


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