Vanessa Merten’s Birth Center Water Birth

Today’s birth story episode is with Vanessa Merten of Pregnancy Podcast. Vanessa was planning a birth center birth and wanted to labor at home for as long possible so when she finally got to the birth center she was already 10 centimeters dilated. But the birth wasn’t quite over yet as she pushed and pushed and pushed for much longer than expected. Listen to her tell her story in her own words!

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More information about perineum healing granulated tissue after childbirth.

“Sometimes some scar tissue persists and can cause increased blood stained discharge and pain on touching or when attempting intercourse.  This fleshy bit of scar tissue which is characteristically bright red is called Granulation Tissue.  It is easily treated, usually in a clinic, by twisting it off and touching the base with a little stick of silver nitrate.  This stick looks like a matchstick and it cauterises the area and encourages rapid healing.”

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