In the fall of 2019 after a crazy year of changing jobs, moving states, buying a house, and adopting a puppy, Sarah and her husband, Joe decided to start trying for a baby.  They were fortunate enough to conceive after the first month of trying. Once COVID- 19 hit in March of 2020 both Sarah and her husband moved out of their respective offices and into the home office, where they’ve been ever since.  

Sarah loved being pregnant and was able to remain active throughout her pregnancy.  Despite loving her pregnancy, Sarah started experiencing severe anxiety surrounding the birth at the beginning of her third trimester.  Sarah was sexually assaulted in her first year of graduate school and although she had done extensive therapy to heal, underlying issues surrounding  bodily autonomy and consent threatened her positive birth experience.  Through working together with a birth coach and her husband Sarah was able to overcome her anxiety and develop a plan to cope with any situation that would present itself during labor and delivery. 

Labor and delivery were demanding and despite her best efforts to naturally induce labor Sarah had to be medically induced at 41 weeks. While joyful, her postpartum period was physically difficult, and she and baby Grace had a challenging time establishing breastfeeding.

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Sarah Sushchyk Bio

Sarah lives in central Massachusetts and works in regulatory affairs at a large pharmaceutical company in the area. She and her husband, Joe, met in Baltimore in 2012 where they were both pursuing their PhDs in Pharmaceutical Science.  They were married in 2017 and moved to Massachusetts shortly after. They welcomed their first child, Grace, on July 25th, 2020. The family enjoys taking long hikes with Cooper, their 85-pound fur baby. You can connect with Sarah on Instagram @ssushhythoms


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