After a 23-week loss due to incompetent cervix (originally a planned homebirth), Bree was ready to try for another baby. She and her husband, Adam, were successful after the first try just 3 months postpartum from their loss.

Luci’s pregnancy was pretty easy, even though Bree never loved the pregnancy part. Due to her incompetent cervix history, her pregnancy was monitored closely and a cerclage procedure was performed to ensure the cervix would remain closed. Contractions started on November 11, 2019 and lasted until 4am on November 13 when her water broke.

Since the cerclage was removed three weeks prior, and contractions increased significantly after the water broke, they went immediately to the hospital where she was told that she was only 3cm dilated. Bree was a bit discouraged since she thought this would be a quick birth. After her doctor advised on a small Pitocin dose, she felt that she needed an epidural to help with the pain. Their baby girl was born at 4:25pm, just under 5 hours after the epidural was administered.

incompetent cervix birth story

Bree Dirkmaat Bio

Bree and her husband, Adam, live in Kingwood, TX (30 mins from Houston) with their baby, Luci, and their 3 other kids (Adele, Israel & Moses).
Adam is a Firefighter and an appraiser. Bree works in Accounting and also in their appraisal business. They have been together for 4 years.
Facebook Profile: Bree Frasson or Instagram @breepreta



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