Bree and her husband, Bobby, planned for a home birth in their home on the island of Oahu in Hawaii with a local midwife. Bree went into labor the day before her due date and labored all night in the tub. She switched things up the next morning by laboring at the beach, in the ocean and with a walk around her home and neighborhood. When it came time to push, her husband got in the tub with her to help her push as she had been laboring for 15 hours and after 20 minutes of pushing, baby Lottie was born.

oahu homebirth birth story

Bree Poort Bio

Bree grew up in Southern California by the beach and moved to Hawaii after high school for college. She met her husband two years later and after five years of being married decided to get pregnant. She is a gallery artist painting for collectors around the world in her home studio on the North Shore of Oahu and enjoys surfing and yoga. You can find her on instagram @justbree or

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