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Anemia in Pregnancy

In today’s birth story episode, Brandi shares her pregnancy and birth experience. During her pregnancy, she kept feeling like something wasn’t right. Finally, a midwife requested that she have some blood work done and they found out that she was severely anemic. For her birth, she had a planned cesarean with family members as support since she was a single mom at the time. We also have a great discussion about what an impact WIC had for her when she was a new mom.

Brandi Riley Bio

Brandi is a Northern California African-American mom blogger, the mother of a fabulous 7-year-old, and wife  to an outrageously loving husband. She and her daughter moved to Oakland, California in 2012 from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she had lived for almost 10 years. They love everything about the West Coast and it’s clear to me that they were absolutely destined to be California girls! Connect with Brandi on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram or her website!

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