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Three Hospital Births living in Rural Area of Australia

Today’s birth story guest shares all three of her birth stories, which took place in hospitals. She talks about her baby’s shoulders getting stuck with her second birth, and of how her doctor gave her the option of being induced a week early or having a cesarean with her third baby, which really scared her. She chose induction and ended up stalling out during labor, and she was prepped for a c section but as they were wheeling her into the operating room, she felt the urge to push and her baby was born!

induction birth story

Felicity Taylor Bio

Felicity lives with her husband and three little children, in a country town called Forbes, in NSW Australia where they moved three years ago to help plant a church. Their hearts are very much for extending a hand where needed in their community. She and her husband run their own mechanics business from home and also have a little candle business where Felicity makes and sells beeswax candles. She loves writing, especially about their crazy lives as parents and all the adventures that involves, which led her to begin a blog two years ago called the The Taylor Tale.

Afton Socks


Listen to my discussion with the co-founder of Afton Socks as well as Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper!) at the end of this episode. Afton Socks is a doctor-owned brand dedicated to making fun, patterned compression socks to help mothers keep their circulation in good health. Afton socks are ethically crafted in Italy, certified to be free of harmful chemicals, and come in a range of fun designs that don’t look anything like traditional compression socks! We are doing a giveaway over on Instagram and Facebook where 3 people will win a pair of Afton Socks! Afton is also offering a 15% off code + free shipping with the code BIRTHHOUR.