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What is the Babymoon Retreat All About

I spent this past week in Sedona, AZ with six expecting couples at the Babymoon Retreat. We had such a blast, and I was blown away by the level of childbirth and postpartum preparation these couples got in just four days of class time. It was so refreshing to spend so much time getting to know couples that are experiencing all of this for the first time. After having two kids of my own and hearing so many birth stories from so many women, I feel like I forget just how many unknowns there are for first time expecting parents and I loved watching them absorb all of the information. I could see them becoming more confident day by day and empowered in their birthing decisions

babymoon retreat

We wanted to commemorate this special time and the experience of the retreat by recording with each couple as they are bursting with the anticipation of their birth and meeting their baby. I hope you enjoy getting to know these couples as much as I did and if you are newly pregnant or planning to become pregnant, I strongly suggest that you sign up for updates from the Babymoon Retreat.

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Future Babymoon Retreats

The founder of the Babymoon Retreat, Phyllis Braesnell is planning to hold two retreats each year in both the Spring and Fall so if you want to be the first to know when the next retreat is, sign up for emails notification here. You will only get useful need-to-know information and emails! You can also follow along with the Babymoon Retreat on Instagram or Facebook.

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