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Karyn Brown had two unmedicated births with midwives, but both experiences were very different.  Her older child, Cecily’s birth was an empowering Birth Center experience: she went into labor at 41 weeks and arrived at a full birth center on Thanksgiving day.  She spent time laboring in an empty birthing classroom, eventually moving into a birthing room, then Cecily was born after a long pushing phase.  

Her younger child Caleb’s birth was in a hospital due to moving towns.  Labor started at 38.5 weeks with a water leak, and a slow early labor at home that took a lot of walking and distraction to progress to active labor.  Once at the hospital, after transitioning in the tub, her water broke and her body began pushing baby out on its own. Baby came out fast and furious, and then Karyn had a postpartum hemorrhage.  The next morning, Caleb was taken to the NICU for Tachypnea (fast breathing due to fluid) and he was there for 5 days. Karyn experienced Postpartum Depression and NICU PTSD and ultimately found a postpartum counselor to help her through it.  

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Karyn Brown Bio

Karyn is a working mom who lives the greater Philadelphia area with her husband Julian and her two children, 4 year old Cecily and one year old Caleb.  She is a babywearing educator with Central New Jersey Babywearing, a sewing and crafting enthusiast, and a regular contributor on the Everything Is Permitted podcast. Connect with her on Instagram: @orangutangy


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