Jenn shares the story of her daughter’s birth which took place at a birth center in Montana. Her baby actually arrived within minutes of getting to the birth center. When she came out the cord was wrapped around her twice and she needed attention, an ambulance was called and she spent 9 days in the NICU. It was a very intense experience and there were a lot of unknowns but Rosemary is a very healthy one year old today! Jenn wanted to share her story to encourage other women who are walking the path of a NICU mom.

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jenn mehmke

Jenn Mehmke Bio

Jenn Moore Mehmke is a mother, writer and coach focused on mindful living with every breath. She is inspired by her children; parenting them reminds her that beauty exists everywhere—and that every challenge is an opportunity to deepen self-awareness and grow. Her company Breathe Peace nurtures and inspires peace and beauty through mindful living…breath by breath. Jenn’s passion is writing—Connect with her on FacebookTwitter and follow her blog. Her articles have been published on The Tattooed Buddha and elephant journal.

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