Today’s guest is Adanna who was born on the island Grenada and currently lives with her family in New York City. She had a vaginal birth with an epidural at the hospital with her daughter and then a vaginal birth without an epidural with her son. She says the natural birth was really wonderful and that she wanted to share with women about her experience who may be nervous about a natural birth the way she was the first time around.

Adanna had two wonderful birth experiences with her children. Her first child was born in 2010, Adanna and her husband prepared for the birth by attending Lamaze class  and planned a natural birth. Adanna had gestational diabetes during this pregnancy and managed it with a strict diet. She was excited to give birth but fearful even with all of the preparations so she decided to get an epidural when it was offered to her. It turned out to be a beautiful experience without any complications. She was very happy that her beautiful daughter was healthy and the birth was relatively easy after a tough pregnancy with gestational diabetes and severe morning sickness.

In 2013 Adanna gave birth to her second child, a baby boy. This time she opted to have him naturally without any pain medication. Adanna’s labor with her second child went really quickly and this time she had the full experience that she desired.

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Adanna Dill, is an award-winning blogger, entrepreneur and millennial mom of two kids who she’s raising in NYC with her husband.  Born and raised on the gorgeous island of Grenada, Adanna has a sunny and creative spirit. Her blog Rattles and Heels, have been featured on ESSENCE, HGTV Magazine, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and more. Rattles and Heels, is all about looking amazing and having fun, while raising creative and smart kids. In 2016, Adanna launched her “Mommy and Me” tees shop where she sells fun and inspiring tees for moms and kids. Connect with her on InstagramTwitterPinterestFacebook, and YouTube.

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