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10 Days Postdates Castor Oil Induction

Julie’s first birth story begins when she was 10 days past her due date and no signs of labor had begun. In trying to avoid medical induction, Julie consulted with her doula about drinking castor oil to bring on labor. That night castor oil worked some labor magic and brought on contractions. Julie was able to labor at home, then labor in a birthing tub at the hospital. She turned inward and found a tapping/counting/breathing rhythm to work through contractions. After about 14 hours of labor and 2.5 hours of pushing she birthed her baby girl. Delivering the placenta was challenging and Julie hemorrhaged 30 minutes postpartum. Medical intervention stopped the hemorrhage and, while incredibly scary for everyone (especially Julie’s husband), everyone was okay.

Spontaneous Water Breaking Fast Hospital Water Birth

Julie’s second birth moved more quickly when labor began with spontaneous water breaking three days after her due date. Even though things moved quickly, she left the hospital to labor at home when she learned she was 1.5cm dilated. Julie transitioned in the shower at home and things really started move fast. She was 9cm when she got back to the hospital, labored in the tub and ultimately had a water birth, giving birth to her son after pushing through 2-3 contractions. Her baby boy slept on her chest skin-to-skin for five hours after being born.

Julie Tobi Bio

Julie Tobi lives in Ann Arbor, MI with her husband and their two kids. Her obsession with birth and the nostalgic magic of handwriting led Julie to create The Birth Journal, a guided journal for moms to write their birth story. Julie is also a life coach with a focus on living life aligned with our intuition. Most days you can find her with a strong cup of coffee, kids at her feet, and a journal and pen at her fingertips. Connect with her at @thebirthjournal on Instagram, Facebook, or on her Life Coach site.


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