Two Hospital Births with Midwives and a Home Birth

Kaitlyn’s first birth was a beautiful, empowering, unmedicated vaginal birth with a hospital midwife practice. She expected and planned for a similar birth with her second, but learned that each pregnancy really is different after going much later than she expected and ultimately having a precipitous birth (complete with mad dash to the hospital over frozen streets). Committed to avoid a birth only assisted by her two toddlers, she planned, and had, a home birth for her third.

Kaitlyn Lowery Bio

Kaitlyn is a California transplant living in RIchmond, VA with her husband, Justin, and three busy boys: Jonathan, Drew, and Ben. An attorney in a past life, she now enjoys chasing after her kids, reading “Little Blue Truck” as many times as possible in a single day, and using her Type A personality to plan ridiculously themed playdates and complete her Christmas shopping by September. Connect with her on Instagram: @kaitlyn.m.lowery or Facebook Kaitlyn Lowery (Kaitlyn Edwards).

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