11 lbs and No Tearing – Danielle Burkleo Shares the Birth Story of Her Fifth Child

In this episode, Danielle Burkleo shares the birth story of her fifth child, Lula. She talks a bit about her first 3 births and then tells the story of her most recent pregnancy and birth. This time around, her pregnancy was a little uncertain, but ultimately she ended up giving birth to a healthy 11 pound baby girl in the hospital with no tearing whatsoever! Listen to Danielle share her story in her own words as she talks about how she surrendered to the pain.

Danielle Burkleo Bio

Danielle is a married mom of five, residing in upstate New York. She says her dreams came true when she became a mother, it is her greatest gift. Danielle works from home as a graphic designer. She loves apple crisp, photography, travel, Jesus & squeezing her babies. You can find her at www.danielleburkleo.com, and @danielleburkleo on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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