Orgasmic Birth – Shalome Doran

On today’s episode, Shalome Doran shares the stories of her three births. The first was a highly medicalized hospital birth, and the second two were homebirths, one of which was actually an orgasmic birth!

Shalome wants to live in a world where women approach their births with excitement and awe. A highly-medicalised hospital birth and 2 sensational homebirths taught her that a little preparation can make ALL the difference, and that you can feel like a total Rockstar when you birth, regardless of how you birth. Shalome encourages pregnant mamas to replace their fears of pain with the insights and self-belief to roar their babies out – by creating their own informed, empowered and amazing birth experiences.

When she’s not gushing about empowering birth stories, you can find Shalome editing her digital-baby, the Rockstar Birth Magazine. Connect with Shalome and her amazing message, and get your FREE issue at

What is Orgasmic Birth?

Orgasmic birth is a concept that many may scoff at or say “no way, not me” to but once you do a little research and learn more about it, it kind of makes sense. All of the same parts of a woman’s body that are involved in orgasm are involved in giving birth, right down to the uterine contractions. Listening to Shalome tell the story of an actual orgasmic birth that happened for her is eye-opening, and you will learn that it’s not necessarily the type of orgasm you experience when making love. It’s more about opening up your mind and body to the possibility of experiencing waves of pleasure during birth rather than only pain.

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