Epidural Birth and Unmedicated Birth Stories

Anita and her partner, Brian, were initially surprised by their pregnancy. After six months of trying to conceive, they both weren’t sure they could. After delivering her son via a vaginal birth (with an epidural) in 2009, Anita desired to have an unmedicated birth with her next child.

During week 38, Anita went to the hospital twice but was sent home due to only being dilated 2 centimeters with no steady progress. Her mucus plug came out the same day as her second hospital visit, but she and Brian went home, watched A Dog’s Purpose and ate pepperoni pizza.

Anita sat up sharply after feeling a gush of water at 3:33a.m. They arrived at the hospital almost 40 minutes later. She spent nine hours in labor with some change; however, the biggest change happened when the nurse burst the last of her water. Almost immediately, she experienced unwavering contractions and overheating as she transitioned into the final phase of active labor. With the support of Brian and Basmah, her doula, Anita delivered Eden squatting backwards in bed at 1:39p.m.

natural hospital birth after epidural birth

Anita Young Bio

Anita is a 30-something adventurer living in the Richmond, Virginia with Brian (her partner), Thomas (her son, 9), Eden (her daughter, 6 months), and Juno and Hazy (the family guard cats). She is a writer and aspiring author, who works full-time as a project administrator. In her free time, she enjoys blogging, concerts, and traveling with her family. Social Media Platforms. Connect with her on Twitter @Emranija or Instagram @huntress626


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