Whitney imagined her ideal birth without being attached to machines, going in to spontaneous labor at home & laboring in her bathtub, birthing completely naturally without any medications. 

Her labor and delivery did NOT go according to her plan, but her baby arrived HAPPY & HEALTHY… and she realized that is the very most important thing after all! 

Her reality was GBS+ and PROM. Which landed her in the hospital on an IV, 27 hours before her baby was born. Whitney experienced antibiotics, induction, more antibiotics, more induction, a stretch & sweep, a fentanyl “nap” during transition & a fast delivery. 

Whitney McClintock Rini Bio

Whitney has been married to Matt for 4 years. They live in Central Florida with their little man- Zane (who is 16 mos old). Whitney is a world champion waterskier & REALTOR. Whitney enjoys attending & volunteering at HOPE Church in Winter Garden; working out at New Dimensions Wellness; and she & Zane love spending their days at her husband, Matt Rini’s Waterski school in Orlando. Connect with her via Instagram @WhitMcClintock


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