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Getting pregnant via IUI and how a very rare neuromuscular condition affected pregnancy

Ali got pregnant super quickly via IUI and had a normal pregnancy, except for a very rare neuromuscular condition, which she had prior, that ended up affecting her very negatively. Her first instinct was a home birth, but a few months into her pregnancy it was recommended that she assemble a small team of specialists and birth at a teaching hospital in Tampa, FL. In this time, her wife Hayley also became pregnant! Their due dates were 5 months apart.

PROM, Induction and Frustrations with Hospital Staff

Ali was 38.5 weeks when her water broke with a slow leak and she was admitted to the hospital with no contractions. After being checked at 1 cm and waiting in triage for over 6 hours, she was advanced into the birth and delivery room where she was administered Cytotec, an oral inducer. Her contractions started that evening after a second, double dose, and quickly intensified to over a minute long, coming every minute. She was with her adoring wife and had the help of a doula, Laura. Because of her neuromuscular disorder, there was total chaos surrounding her birth plan.

No one among her self-assembled medical team was accountable or there when they were needed. A midwife at the hospital gave her an excruciating vaginal check, 12 hours into contractions, and she remained at 1 cm. It was then she knew instinctually that something was wrong, and not just ‘first timer’ wrong. She told her doula and her wife that she wanted an ultrasound (she thought maybe the baby was in a strange position) because something felt off. The medical staff told Ali, Hayley, and Laura that they did not offer ultrasounds in active labor. They questioned this repeatedly, but no help came.

Surprise Breech Baby Delivered Via C Section

After pleading with the staff for an epidural to gain some rest and combat the intensity of the contractions, one was administered 6 hours after the request. Another vaginal check came by 8 pm, 24 hours into active labor, and Ali remained at 1 cm. During this exam, the midwife-on-call mentioned that “something doesn’t feel right.” It was in this moment Ali realized her baby was breech, and she would have a cesarean.

Otis Bear was born 2 hours later at 9:56 PM via cesarean section, 7 pounds even and entirely perfect. His heart rate remained stellar throughout the labor and birth. Ali’s wife, Hayley, tucked him into her tank top for skin to skin, while Ali was sewn up. The three met again in recovery and left the hospital 2 days later.

lesbian-moms give birth 5 months apart

Ali Kesner Bio

Ali lives with her wife, Hayley, and two sons, Otis and Bowie, in Florida. Otis is a little over 6 months and Bowie is 2 weeks old. Ali is a professional photographer, specializing in portrait work. She and her wife each carried, sharing the same donor. They live in their adorable Floridian cottage with two dogs, Brick and Amelia, and a chicken, Edie. Connect with her on Instagram at @creating_kesners or @kesner_creative.


Bradley Classes – These were really helpful, in working with my partner. When we signed up for the class, that is how we met my doula, Laura. She was the instructor.

The Birth Hour – I listened every single day beginning before I was pregnant. I listened to all of them because I wanted to know as many possible outcomes as possible – even the really tough stories.

Mama Natural – Love her approach to having a healthy pregnancy. Did as well as I could on that path until my absolute need for french fries 2 -3 times a day could not be ignored.

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