Daria Lazovskaya’s Three Birth Stories

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In this episode of The Birth Hour, international mama Daria Lazovskaya is sharing three birth stories, all of which took place in Russia. Daria was born in Siberia, raised in Sochi, and is currently living in Moscow. I was very surprised at how birth takes place in Russia. Her three children were born in Sochi, which is more rural than Moscow, but listening to her stories, it was like I was traveling back in time 60 years in the United States. Their approach to birth is very medicalized and institutionalized. There is very little attention paid to prenatal care, and the majority of women give birth alone in the hospital with the medical staff and are generally not allowed to have their partner or another support person in the room with them.

Daria does mention that there are more options available in Moscow, and suggests that any expats living in Russia should try to get to a major city like Moscow for their births. You can connect with Daria on Instagram @feedthezoo.

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