Dori Varga’s Birth Story

Dori Varga is the mama to Noah and wife to Adam originally from Hungary, living in California where she founded TRIBE de MAMA, now a global movement. Dori tells the story of her son’s birth which was planned to take place within a birth center and after 30 hours of labor she was transferred to the adjoining hospital.

A little bit about TRIBE de MAMA

TRIBE de MAMA was created for all women. We are a global community, called to form a circle of shared wisdom. We are here to inspire each other through a culture that embraces nature, creativity, and connection. Our lives are defined by our relationships to each other
and through our collective experience. We support empowerment through acceptance, self-love, and compassion. We gather with the intention of love and mindfulness as we build our TRIBE.

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Mothers of the universe,
Daughters of the earth,
Sisters of the divine consciousness:
We hold the light of our past.
We are the women who create our future.
We are all MAMA.

Download the Rebirth issue of TRIBE de MAMA here.

Connect with Dori on Instagram: @dorideer @tribedemama

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