Hospital Induction, No Epidural – Paige Ray

In today’s episode, Paige tells the story of the birth of her son. Paige was induced in a hospital by choice 4 days after her due date, and after starting a Pitocin drip, things progressed rather quickly. So quickly in fact, that by the time Paige was offered an epidural it was not really worth it to her. She trusted her body and decided not to interfere with the track that she was already on.

The pushing phase of Paige’s birth was pretty difficult, and she was surprised by the fact that there were so many people in her hospital room. Ultimately though, she appreciated the help she got from three nurses who had very different methodologies, but who each helped her get through that tough pushing stage.

Listen to Paige tell her birth story in her own words and be sure to check out her podcast, Hear Motherhood which discusses how motherhood and creativity overlap. She talks to some amazing, creative women who are doing some awesome things.

Paige Ray Bio

Paige Ray is a writer and creative who was frightened that motherhood would take away all of her creative ambition. She loves Instagram a little more than is socially acceptable. You can learn more about how she’s overcome her initial fear of motherhood (and possible a few others) on her podcast Hear Motherhood. You can also find her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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