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 Addressing Postpartum After Birth

This is probably the most open and honest discussion we’ve had on The Birth Hour about postpartum depression (PPD) and postpartum anxiety (PPA). Ally shares how long it took her to realize she needed help and how she didn’t find any support initially from her OBGYN, despite answering yes to many of the concerning questions on a survey at her doctor’s office. She had to find help elsewhere.

signs of postpartum depression

Ally MacEwen Bio

Ally MacEwen lives in the Seattle area with her husband, Nick, and two beautiful daughters, Margaret Pearl and Molly June. After the redemptive  birth of her second daughter Molly, she became obsessed with all things regarding birth and postpartum and realized there’s so much healing and hope in sharing your stories. She’s suffered with severe PPD and an anxiety disorder and is passionate about helping moms through those dark weeks (and years) of postpartum. She’s also a sometimes blogger where she loves to talk openly and authentically about life, motherhood, and bravery. You can find her on Instagram.


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