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Midwife and Doula Shares Birth Stories and Resources

Today’s guest,Tracie Enis, shares her three birth stories, and then we chat about resources and guidance that she provides to the mamas she works with during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Tracie Enis Bio

Tracie began her career in the Birth Doula field in 2000 after her second child was born. She has attended nearly 1000 births with families birthing in hospitals, birthing centers, and at home throughout the SF Bay Area.

In 2002, Tracie successfully completed Elizabeth Davis’s Heart ‘N’ Hands Midwifery Incentives Program. Upon completion, Tracie was the only student from that class to be selected as an Apprentice Midwife for Sacred Body Midwifery in San Francisco. There she learn the practical skills of midwifery. In 2003, Tracie became one of two midwives in the SF Bay Area to service women of color. In addition, Tracie has studied and received a degree in culinary arts. Having seen the affects of an improper diet, Tracie offers a level of understanding around a woman’s nutritional habits and the needs of her birthing body. She has designed menus to assist mothers in their everyday lives. Just a touch of making things easier for mom as she prepares for the birth of her baby.

tracie enis baby

Tracie has continued her career as a support for women in all elements of their lives, from business to birthing and beyond.

As a Doula, Tracie comes with a level of experience and longevity in the birthing field. She has worked in many settings to provide the birthing mother and family the best support possible. As a mother of 3 herself, she understands first-hand the feelings of pregnancy, labor, breastfeeding ,and motherhood. Connect with Tracie on her website or via Yelp. She also offers Nutritional Consults to women from anywhere around the world!


Boosting Immune Health with Tracie Enis
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