Both of Meghan’s births were, coincidentally, hospital inductions at 37 weeks. After a normal, healthy pregnancy with her first son, Gabriel, she was induced for low-fluid. She had an intervention-heavy but textbook induction that included pitocin, a foley bulb, and an epidural. Gabe was born after 45 min of pushing. They had a 6 day hospital stay due to jaundice.

After that, Meghan became a “birth nerd” and knew that she wanted a different experience for her next birth. When she got pregnant again in 2018, she switched providers and went to see midwives at a different hospital. This pregnancy was much more eventful with several hospital stays for bleeding in her third trimester. Even though she was hoping to go into labor on her own, Meghan consented to an induction after another round of bleeding at 37 weeks. This induction was so different from her first. She was supported by her friend and doula, Jes, as well as her partner. After only three hours of active labor her second son, Jasper, was born.

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Meghan Pow Bio

Meghan is raising two boys with her husband, Tyler, in North Carolina. She is a birth doula and owns a handmade, modern jewelry business called imperfectly co.

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