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Rachel Haseley Birth Story Summary

Rachel and Jonathan were married in July of 2017. That December, they decided to move for Jonathan’s job the following June. They began trying to grow their family in January and Rachel used the Ava bracelet to help track her cycles. She credits the Ava bracelet with helping her become pregnant by April 2018. Rachel’s due date was December 12, 2018; but, she began feeling very ill at the end of April and was later diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Rachel and Jonathan found out they were having a boy in early June. Rachel was teaching second grade and finished up the school year before moving 1,000 miles away from their hometown to the middle of the country. Thankfully the HG slowed down so they were able to settle into their new location. 

Since this was their first child, Jonathan and Rachel went to the local hospital to learn as much as they could about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care. Rachel spent a lot of time on social media researching and learning about birth plans, listening to birth stories (thanks The Birth Hour!) and preparing for this next big adventure. At the end of November, Rachel started feeling sick again and was looking forward to labor and delivery. Her OB didn’t think Rachel would make it to her due date because she started dilating and effacing early. But the appointments came and went and Rachel’s due date passed. Four days post-date, Rachel thought her water was leaking and called the doctor’s office. She came in on Sunday, December 16th at 2pm. She was checked and told it wasn’t her waters but if she was ready they could get things moving instead of waiting 2 more days for her induction date.

Rachel’s OB had an accident the week prior and was not able to work, so Rachel was working with a new doctor whom she had never met before. Through walking and Pitocin contractions, Rachel dilated quickly. She hoped to have a natural, med-free delivery but things weren’t going according to her birth plan. She went to the tub and was in transition without realizing what was actually happening! In 20 minutes, she went from a stalled 6cm to 9 cm! She was able to get an epidural (after the anesthesiologist was out of surgery) and she was able to deliver her baby boy at 10:06pm. He had the cord wrapped around his neck three times and had meconium in utero but never ingested it and was perfectly healthy! Rachel and Jonathan soaked up the time as a new family of three! 

Rachel went home and began adjusting to a new body, a new role, and a new life. She later found she had Dysphoric Milk Ejection Reflex (D-MER) and had to transition from breastfeeding and pumping to formula. Rachel and Jonathan became pregnant in May of 2019 and are looking forward to welcoming a baby girl in February of 2020.


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