Two Hospital Birth Stories with Lynzy Coughlin

Todays’s The Birth Hour podcast guest is Lynzy Coughlin. Lynzy is a Physician Assistant in the Emergency Room and the editor behind the life & style guide for motherhood, Lynzy & Co. She has two daughters, Olivia and Eliora and a husband that also lives off the adrenaline in the ER. I guess you could say that they like to live on the edge. When they aren’t working, they love to travel and fix up their “fixer upper” by the CT shoreline.

In this episode she shares her two hospital birth experiences including details like the crazy drive to the hospital, epidurals that only halfway took and her outlook on the whole experience as an ER physician’s assistant. Lynzy and I also had a great conversation covering helpful information about her postpartum and breastfeeding journeys.

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You can connect with Lynzy on Instagram and be sure to follow her #latenightnursingfeed where she posts a different topic each night and you can connect with other mamas up late nursing their babies.

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