Kaitlyn was worried that her PCOS and irregular cycles would be a problem when she and her husband Brett started trying to conceive their first child. The day before she planned to start her first round of fertility drugs, they found out they were expecting. The pregnancy was largely uneventful, except that at the anatomy scan the couple found out that Kaitlyn had a two-vessel cord with marginal placenta insertion.

Because growth restriction was a concern, Kaitlyn’s OB scheduled her for an induction just before her due date. Kaitlyn was scheduled to begin her induction by having Dilapan rods inserted, go home to rest and pack, and come back to the hospital the next morning to continue the induction. Due to high blood pressure, though, she was sent straight to labor and delivery. She was given three rounds of oral Cytotec, and eight hours later the on-call doctor took out the Dilapan and broke her water. An hour later she was fully dilated and ready to push, and after only 30 minutes of pushing Juliet was born! Kaitlyn and Brett decided to keep the baby’s sex a surprise until delivery, so Brett was the one to announce “it’s a girl!”

 Kaitlyn Johnson Bio

Kaitlyn grew up just outside of Richmond, Virginia and got a degree in Public Policy and Spanish at The College of William and Mary. After college she moved to Minneapolis to study law at the University of Minnesota. She met her husband Brett after her first year of law school and they got married three years later. Their daughter, Juliet, was born in June 2020. They also have a dog, Molly, and a cat, Lily. In her (now quite limited) free time, Kaitlyn likes to run, do crossword puzzles, and listen to true crime podcasts. Reach out to Kaitlyn by leaving a comment on this page.



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