In 2017 Madison and her husband Heath decided that they were ready to start a family and quickly became pregnant. They decided that they did not want to birth at a hospital and were able to receive care from a freestanding birth center located in their town. At 37 weeks and 4 days, Madison’s water broke. Since she was GBS positive and labor did not start after 24 hours she was transferred to a local hospital. This began a cascade of interventions and the surprise inability to receive an epidural due to a spinal deformity. After nearly 3 hours of pushing with no success, Madison opted to have a cesarean under general anesthesia.

Madison discusses her postpartum experience and how she felt her birth significantly contributed to PPD, PPA, and PTSD. She knew that for her second birth she wanted a vastly different experience and that she was willing to put in the footwork to be as prepared as possible for every outcome. They decided to begin trying for their second child in January 2020 and had to navigate being pregnant and delivering during the COVID pandemic. Madison discusses how her preparation made for a positive birth and postpartum experience despite having another repeat cesarean birth under general anesthesia.

repeat cesarean

Madison Webb Bio

Madison lives in Corvallis, Oregon with her husband Heath and two children; Will and Avery. She works as an Academic Advisor for the local university and is a small business owner. You can find her on Instagram at @mhopewebb.


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