Elise Kirkpatrick’s Two Birth Stories

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Today’s birth stories feature Elise sharing her birth center and homebirth experiences. Her first birth at the birth center, although empowering, was not what she was expecting. With her son she carefully planned for and had what she describes as a sacred birth experience. She also shares her experience having a blessingway in lieu of a baby shower. You can read more about that in this post she wrote about the blessingway.

Gypsy mama Elise and her tiny tribe currently call the islands of Hawai’i home, although they are travel junkies most of the year. Elise whole heartedly believes in natural birth, gentle-playful parenting, and living life to the fullest!

Birth Story and Homebirth Video

She is passionate about sharing her experiences birthing her two babes, which she believes inspires the way she now lives her life. Everything in life comes back to the breath. You can find Elise on her blog, Salt Water Diary and watch Taj’s birth story film. You can connect with Elise on Instagram.

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