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Jesse Coulter’s Birth Center and Natural Twin Birth Stories

Today’s episode features Jesse Coulter who is going to share the birth stories of both her son, born at a birth center, and her twins who were born vaginally in a hospital. The twins’ birth story is fast and furious as they arrived before the hospital staff even had a chance to put the IV in Jesse.

Jesse Coulter is a wife and mom of a 3 year old boy and newborn boy/girl twins. She is a full-time marketing professional by day and blogger by night. She blogs at about DIY projects, fashion, marriage, motherhood, travel and more.

Jesse grew up in a small Texas town (currently lives in Austin), and loves traveling the world with her husband who she met while studying abroad in Austria. Some of her favorite things include binge watching Netflix in an old pair of sweatpants, aerobics, slavic languages, anything that comes from a bakery, living debt free, and mojitos. You can find her @JesseCoulter on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. “

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