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While planning on an intervention free birth center birth, Taya and her husband prepped by doing the Know Your Options childbirth course. At 39 weeks, Taya was diagnosed with preeclampsia and, after being turned away from a local hospital for refusing certain medical treatments, finally ended up at the university of Washington medical center.  

An induction was started with misoprostol, a Foley bulb, and then pitocin. A 31 hour labor with kidney complications ended with the birth of her baby boy. He was transferred to the NICU for monitoring 4 hours after being born while Taya’s sodium and electrolyte levels tanked. 3 days later they were released from the hospital only to be back at the NICU within 24 hours for her son’s hyperbilirubinemia.

jaundice nicu stay

That night, while he was under the lights, Taya ended up in the ER with elevated blood pressure again and diagnosed with postpartum preeclampsia. After 24 hours they all were able to come home and begin the recovery process! Things leveled out and they are now thriving.  Even though things didn’t go according to plan, Taya felt empowered to stand up for what was important to her and ended up having the best outcome in a worst case scenario. She and her husband credit this to the in-depth birth course they did together and encourage everyone to take it! 

Taya Huntley

Bio: Taya and her husband, Jake, live in Mount Vernon, WA with their son Quinn, dog Mazey, and cat Lola. Taya works doing customer service from home for a jewelry company, GLDN, and teaches a fitness class once a week at a local gym. Jake is a commercial electrician. 


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