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After initially not wanting to have kids and having a change of heart, Simone got pregnant almost immediately after removing her IUD. Though they didn’t think it would be that easy to get pregnant after Simone’s weight loss surgery,  Simone and her husband quickly got on board and did as much research as they could to be ready for birth and parenthood.

Simone prepared to have a typical, long-and-late birth, but Mother Nature had a different idea. Nothing could have prepared Simone and her husband Gregg for their little boy to come 10 days early, fast and furious, with a precipitous labor.

pregnancy after weight loss surgery

Simone Torborg Bio

Simone is married to her husband, Gregg, and they have an 18 month old boy named Arthur (and a pup named Tango!). They live in a small neighborhood in New York. Simone works full time as a hairstylist in a high end salon on the north shore of Long Island, and she is obsessed with coffee, funky glasses, and all things black.

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