Gwenyth was born on June 8, 2020, at 7:35am via cesarean at 39+1 weeks due to being breech.  Megan’s pregnancy went relatively smoothly, except for mild nausea in the first trimester and headaches in the 2nd trimester. Then at week 32, Megan was diagnosed with gestational hypertension, which raised concerns that baby was still breech. 

The COVID-19 pandemic also hit right at start of third trimester.  Megan had been working throughout her pregnancy but stopped at the start of her third trimester due to her family’s expected move (which was postponed due to COVID).  She began having weekly doctor’s appointments, ultrasounds and non-stress tests at this point and was put on blood pressure medication. 

Megan tried spinning babies, ECV, chiropractic care (The Webster Method), moxibustin, ice, music, yoga, etc. to get baby to flip but she stayed breech so a cesarean birth was scheduled at 39 weeks, 1 day.  Megan was initially hugely disappointed about having a cesarean birth because she had prepared and really been looking forward to an unmedicated birth.  She was also initially angry that a breech vaginal delivery wasn’t common in U.S.  She had heard of providers (such as Dr. Stu) who performed vaginal breech home births, but her provider wasn’t comfortable with a vaginal breech delivery and she decided that at the end of the day she wanted to do what was considered safest in Colorado.

Megan’s cesarean birth was a really positive experience, with no complications, aside from baby needing a little extra help breathing initially.  Recovery overall went well; they were in the hospital for 3 days postpartum.  Everyone was super helpful at the hospital, with the exception of one of the pediatricians who was a bit of an alarmist about baby’s initial weight loss.  Megan’s blood pressure was pretty well managed throughout pregnancy, then skyrocketed postpartum, then went back to normal around 3 weeks postpartum.  Postpartum has been exhausting, but wonderful. 

Megan Johnson Bio

Megan lives in Colorado Springs, CO with her husband, 7-week-old baby girl and 2 Boston Terriers.  She is from California and moved to CO in 2018 for husband’s work.  She is a mental health therapist and is currently staying home with baby and is finishing a doctorate degree in psychology.  Connect with her on Instagram @meganrose87.


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