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Undiagnosed Cancer During Pregnancy 

Michelle and Dan were so excited when they found out they were expecting for the first time in 2015. Soon after conceiving, Michelle starting feeling off and was experiencing a lot of pain. She chalked it up to “just one of those weird pregnancy problems”.

After 9 long months Michelle was not in the mindset for trying a natural delivery. Michelle’s water broke on her due date and 16 hours later they welcomed their daughter via a medicated hospital birth in June 2016.

stage 4 cancer pregnant

Stage 4 Cancer Diagnosis 2 Months Postpartum

2 months later Michelle was diagnosed with cancer and then came months of chemotherapy, radiation, and recovery.

Once all cleared from treatment and recovery, Michelle was given the go ahead to start trying for baby #2 by her oncologist in January 2018. She had no expectations and just wanted to go with the flow- and if she got pregnant it would just be a bonus. 9 months of trying later she got the positive pregnancy test she was secretly hoping for. The second time around Michelle wanted to be more present in her pregnancy and delivery. She was in the care of midwives and got to experience an educated and natural hospital childbirth with her second baby.

Michelle Martyniuk Bio

Michelle lives in Ontario Canada with her husband Dan and their 2 children; Amelia 3, and Brody 3 months. Shortly after Amelia was born, Michelle received a phone call from her doctor that would change everything. She was diagnosed with cancer only 2 months after the birth of their daughter. She went from becoming a new mother into the world of being a cancer patient within the span of one phone call. Her postpartum and first go at motherhood was not anything like she could have had imagined. Connect with her via email at


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