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Two Hospital Births Attended by Midwives

John was born July 12, 2015, at the local hospital under the care of one of the Certified Nurse Midwives on staff. The Midwife was assigned under an OBGYN at the hospital in town. Lindsay’s water broke in her home at 9:00 pm on July 11. She arrived at the hospital at 11:00 pm and was 4 cms. John was head down but turned side-facing which created back labor for Lindsay. After hours of not progressing, Lindsay was given 10 mg of Nubin; and, after an hour-and-a-half of trying to sleep, the medication wore off and John had rotated facing back. Lindsay delivered John at 9:28am on July 12th with the help of a CNM. Lindsay and John were discharged 24 hours after giving birth to go home.

Sybil was born June 12, 2017, at the same local hospital and under the same CNM as John. Lindsay arrived at the hospital at 1:30 am on June 12 and was considered a “stretchy” 5 cms. After the vitals of the mom and baby were checked, Lindsay began laboring and her water broke. Shortly after, Lindsay felt pressure to deliver Sybil and when they thought Sybil was crowning they saw the roundness start to poop and realized that she was breech. Lindsay delivered her with the next contraction and she was born at 2:05 am, 35 mins after checking in to the hospital. Sybil was unaffected by being breech and was checked multiple times by the nurses and pediatrician on duty during their 24 hours stay. Lindsay and Sybil were discharged 24 hours later with a good bill of health.

Lindsay Forehand Bio

Lindsay is a mother of two beautiful children, John who is two years old, and Sybil who is three months old. She is a birthing enthusiast and loves to encourage those who are excited about the journey of their birth and to share the joys and obstacles of other’s birth stories. Lindsay lives in Minot, North Dakota and loves the birthing community that has established itself in this city. John was born in July 2015 with the help of a CNM, and Sybil was born June 2017, breech, with the help of the same CNM.


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