After experiencing a very traumatic birth with her first son in 2021, Fallon was determined to have a water birth at the Atlanta Birth Center that she had been preparing for for nearly two years. In her first birth she was unexpectedly transferred to Atlanta Medical Center when her son failed his BPP test at 41+2 weeks. She barely made the cut off to be accepted into the birth center in time for her second birth because she did not find out she was pregnant until she was 18 weeks along. She was determined to deliver Dru on November 11th 2022, just 2 days before his due date, but much like her first son Zane, he came when he was good and ready.

On November 10th she drank The Midwives brew to get things going and started having contractions, but they were not enough to bring on full labor. Over the next week she had her normal contractions throughout the night, and around 5/6AM (just hours before Dru was born) she texted her Doula that they needed to come up with a new game plan because she now wanted an epidural after 3 days in a row of intense contractions all night long!  She knew that she could not get an epidural at the birth center, and would have to have another hospital transfer in order to receive the medication.  As the sun was coming up around 7:00 a.m. she called the birth center and spoke to a midwife about how intense her pain was and the Midwife instructed her to meet her at the birth center in about an hour and a half at 8:30 a.m. to check her cervix/progression/ dilation and to receive pain meds.

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She suspected that she was an active labor and had her husband grab the hospital / birth center bag. Although she had contractions all night for the three previous nights, each morning as soon as the sun came up, the contractions would stop altogether, or would subside to only one contraction every few hours. Once the sun came up on the morning of November 17 however the contractions, never slow and only grew more intense. Once Fallon, her husband, and her mother arrived at the Birth Center, she was checked and told that she was already 6 cm. One of the nurses offered to bring her some snacks to eat since it was early, and she had not eaten breakfast, but as soon as she took one bite of the protein bar, she began to vomit intensely, and then the Midwife said that she was likely 7 cm now.

Fallon spent the next hour and a half begging for the pain meds promised to her by the midwife on call, only to be told that if she birthed the baby very quickly while on the nubane that it could affect the baby. Finally, she was able to receive nitrous oxide after insisting on pain medication. After using the nitrous she was able to get in the water for about an hour but ultimately got out and pushed her baby out after about 6 minutes of pushing.

Fallon Rice Scott Bio

Fallon is a Wife, #BoyMom of 2 under 2, #dogMom to Luka, World Traveler (Currently 41 countries), Houston native turned Georgia Peach, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Business Owner, and Founder of Vision To Fruition™ ( 

Fallon received both her Master of Accounting and Bachelor of Business Administration  degrees from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, where she became a proud member of The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. 

In her non-existent spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, brunching, spending time with family, and being tortured by coaches at Orange Theory fitness. Connect with her on Instagram @THEFALLONRICE or via her blog

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