Emily had a textbook pregnancy. At 39 weeks and 6 days, she asked her midwife to perform a membrane sweep and labor kicked in soon after. Within a couple hours, Emily experienced some cramping and she began losing a bit of water every 15 minutes. Five hours after her water broke, and zero contractions later, she arrived at the hospital with her husband. Eventually contractions did begin and Emily’s labor progressed naturally. She dilated one inch per hour like clockwork. Her labor was easy, calm, and quiet thanks to her attentive husband, supportive doula, and hands-off birth team. After an hour of pushing, the doctor assisted Emily using the Ritgen’s maneuver and Elijah David was born. 

Moments later Emily began hemorrhaging and the labor room became a flurry of bright lights, multiple doctors, and Emily fading in and out of consciousness. With the help of a ton of medication, and a bakari balloon, Emily stabilized. Weeks later, Emily got clarification for why the Ritgen’s maneuver was performed and she has since reflected on her birth with positive thoughts. She is grateful for modern medicine, an amazing midwife for appointments, the best husband, and her kickass womb.

ritgen's maneuver

Emily Griffith Bio

Emily is a 27 year old mom of an 18 month old little boy named Elijah. She’s married to David, a navy Pilot, and works as a mechanical engineer for the Department of Defense. She is located in Norfolk, Virginia where her husband is stationed and where they met 12 years ago. Her Instagram is @emilieavenue.


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