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Trystan & Biff’s Adoption and Birth Story

Trystan and Biff adopted their niece and nephew (both survivors of an abusive situation), and that story was featured on WNYC’s parenting podcast, The Longest Shortest Time. Suddenly, the young couple found themselves sharing the lessons they learned, becoming parents under such stressful circumstances, with many people across the country. Then they decided to grow their family by having their own biological child—one that Trystan carried and birthed himself. As a transgender man, he has all the parts necessary to do so in a safe manner. He stopped taking his hormones, and they successfully conceived and had a beautiful, happy baby.

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Trystan Reese Bio

Trystan Reese is perhaps best known as “the pregnant man” of internet and television fame. But he would prefer to be known as the adoptive father of Hailey and Riley, gestational father of Leo, all-around awesome trans community member, and partner to the amazing Biff Chaplow. He lives in Portland, OR and works as the Director of Family Formation at Family Equality Council. He can be found on Facebook and Instagram as @biffandi or at


Birthing and Breast or Chestfeeding Trans People and Allies

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