Tammy gave birth in the UK and was in active labor with her son Milo for 24 hours. Tammy credits her yoga practice prior to getting pregnant for getting her through such a long and arduous birth.

Tammy is a Senior Yoga Alliance certified Yoga Teacher & Therapist with over 1000 hours of training. She’s practiced yoga since the age of 14 and has been teaching for 8 years. She considers herself a life-long yoga student and teaches a wide range of people — from professional football players, cage fighters and snowboarders to pregnant ladies, children and senior citizens. She is passionate about inspiring and nurturing the intuitive and creative powers that are innate within women at all stages of the female life cycle including menstruation, conceiving, pregnancy and postpartum. She believes that yoga practice teaches that there is so much potency and wisdom available to  women when they really open up to exploring it. You can connect with Tammy on FacebookInstagramYouTube and Twitter or visit her website.

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