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Katie has had three very different birth journeys delivering her babies.  She delivered her first baby with midwives in a hospital and used an epidural to help her meet her baby girl, Elliette.  For her second birth, Katie chose to have care through a birth center.  After pushing for four hours, Katie transferred to a hospital to meet her second baby via c-section.  Her second birth sparked her interest in becoming a birth doula, which she has been doing for the past two years.  

Just recently, Katie met her third baby by delivering him unassisted in her car.  Her birth with her son was fast and furious but turned out to be very peaceful even during this time of change and unease with COVID-19.  Katie and her husband Eric were blown away and touched by the care they received from their midwife after they drove to the hospital.  Their stay was safe and calm and more than they could’ve asked for.

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Katie White Bio

Katie works as a birth doula and postpartum doula in Denver, Colorado with her company Denver Born.  She graduated with a degree in nutrition from UNCO, Greeley and loves focusing her birth-work around nutrition, community and empowering women to love their births and stories no matter what journey they take. 

Katie lives with her husband of 11 years, Eric and their three kiddos, Elliette (5), Kinsley (3) and Bennett (born March 28th).  Their tribe loves to snowboard, camp and hike and be in the mountains.  

You can connect with Katie via Instagram @kate_white or her doula page @denverborn.  You can also find her doula website at


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