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Despite having some struggles to conceive due to PCOS and a gestational diabetes diagnosis, Aleesha had an easy pregnancy with her first child and experienced the unmedicated and empowering hospital birth she had always dreamed of.

Aleesha’s second birth started out slower than her first but once active labor kicked in it was a rush to the hospital where she delivered her nearly 10 pound baby less than 3 hours later in another unmedicated and empowering birth. Three days postpartum Aleesha spiked a fever and had to return to the hospital via an unpleasant ER experience where she found herself having to advocate for herself and her newborn while they tried to determine the source of her fever. 


Aleesha Wiest Bio

Aleesha lives in Seattle, WA with her husband Doug and her children, Carter (21 months) and Luella (newborn). When she was growing up, Aleesha’s mom was a childbirth educator which has led to Aleesha’s lifelong interest in maternal and child health and childbirth. Aleesha works in research administration for the University of Washington and has a side photography hustle where she primarily enjoys taking pictures of women, children, and babies. 

Instagram: @aleeshawiest or @aleeshawiestphotography or on Facebook: Aleesha Wiest 


Books: “Expecting Better” , “Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn” by Penny Simkin 

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