Cas’ Birth Story

When Erika found out she was pregnant with her first child, she didn’t even think birthing without pain medication was an option; but, through research and a great friend she decided that was her goal. At 4:45 AM her water broke while she was getting ready for work. With contractions almost immediately after her water breaking, Erika labored at home for a few hours then headed to the hospital. Using the shower and birth ball as her main tools for pain management, she labored for 7 hours. At 11:55 AM, with only a few pushes, Cas was born.

Noori’s Birth Story

At 36 weeks during her second pregnancy, Erika lost her mucus plug and prodromal labor began. Weeks later, at 39w2d, her water broke while she was cooking dinner. This time around she had a goal of not only birthing naturally but also staying at home as long as possible. Erika spent the next few hours laboring at home, surrounded by a few close friends, her husband, and Cas. At approximately 11:30PM she decided it was time to head to the hospital. By the time she got to the hospital at 11:45PM things were moving full force. At 12:06 PM, Noori Elizabeth joined us earth-side with 2 quick pushes.

Erika Thompson Bio

Erika is an Ohio native who lives in Bessemer, Alabama with her husband (Le’Andre’), their two children, Cas (2.5) and Noori (3 months), and their two German shepherds. Erika is an analytical scientist for a polymer production company. She enjoys sports, spending time with family and friends, and DIY projects. Through pregnancy and birth, Erika has found a love for all things birth related, as well as breastfeeding, cloth diapering, and gentle parenting. She has plans to become a doula and support women of color in the Birmingham area. You can contact her via Facebook as Erika Nikole Thompson or Instagram @enikoleee.

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