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Long Labor at Hospital

Julia planned for an unmedicated, hospital water birth. After having to have her water artificially ruptured and finding meconium, the water birth was no longer an option. After laboring for nearly 26 hours, pushing for 4.5 hours and narrowly avoiding a c-section, Julia was able to have an unmedicated vaginal birth.

Julia Carrion Bio

Julia lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico with her husband. They’ve been married four years and just celebrated their son’s first birthday! Julia has made the transition to stay-at-home mom and keeps herself busy (and sane) by working to complete a masters degree in Management and Leadership and making diaper mats, and car seat covers which can be found here.


Visual Birth plan
Evidence Based Birth
Wisdom Within
This is a great TedTalk by a doula in Singapore. She does an excellent job of explaining the chemical reactions that take place during labor


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