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OB Hospital Birth versus Midwife Supported Hospital Birth

Juliana got pregnant in her senior year of her BA. As an international student she was not very acquainted with the medical system in Ontario and opted for what was the most familiar option to her: OB care. During her pregnancy, she became more aware of her options and decided to try an unmedicated birth. Unfortunately, she feels she did not have the right support system for this; and, though the birth occurred with no complications and Hugo was born a happy and healthy baby, she realized that her choice of hospital had not been the right decision for her: not only did she and her husband not feel supported, but they had to face many administrative obstacles.

For her second baby, Juliana and her husband decided to have a midwife attend their birth at a different hospital. Xavier’s birth could not have been any better. Three hours after the delivery they were able to go home with their new baby. Abbir and Anita, their midwives, came to do home visits and supported them through this new stage in their lives.

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Juliana Ramirez Bio

Juliana is originally from Medellin, Colombia. After finishing high school, she moved to Toronto, Canada where she attended college and met her husband. Her two sons, Hugo and Xavier, were born in Canada before the family relocated to Cambridge, MA, where Juliana is currently a Ph.D. student at Harvard University.

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