Hospital Induction Without Epidural Birth Story

After the OB she loved left the office a month before her due date, Felicia was left having to advocate for her birth plan when the new doctor attempted to scare her into an early induction. She was finally induced at almost 42 weeks. After Cervidil didn’t change anything overnight, Felicia received a small amount of pitocin, which jumpstarted what ended up being her ideal birth without an epidural.

Felicia Bullock Bio

Felicia is a 32 year old procurement professional and Chicagoan. She lives with her husband of 4 years Bart, son Elijah, and French bulldog Hendrix. In her spare time she loves doing “mommy & me” activities with her son, date nights with her husband, and staying politically involved. You can connect with her on Instagram at @SakkiBomb.

induction without epidural

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