Elizabeth Quinn is married to Percy and they are raising their children in Jackson, Mississippi. Her daughters are Chesley Cox, 7 years old, Anderson Lillian ‘Anders’ 5 years old, and Adella Calhoon 2.5 years old and they just had baby number four — a son, Sims McCallum! Elizabeth Quinn returns to The Birth Hour to share her most recent birth story with baby Sims. Elizabeth had two cesareans and then a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and is really involved in the birth community in Jackson. She is super passionate about being educated about birth and helping women who have had c sections to know their options.

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Birth Resources

You can check out a long list of resources (many specifically helpful for VBAC) from Elizabeth on her original birth story page.

In this episode she mentions:

Spinning Babies Daily Essentials Dvd

The Miles Circuit


using rebozo in hospital