Today’s guest is Joni Edelman who shares the story of her most recent birth which was a planned homebirth that ended in a hospital transfer. She talks not only about the labor and birth but about the emotions behind not having the birth that she had dreamed of. She recently wrote an article titled My Labor And Birth Didn’t Go As Planned — And No, I’m Not ‘Over’ It  and received quite a bit of backlash for it.

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joni edelman homebirth
I know from my own experiences as well as the hundreds of birth stories I’ve heard that there are many women who can relate to the sentiment of Joni’s article. Often women who are dealing with birth trauma are told that having a healthy baby is all that matters but research and antidotal evidence has shown that birth matters. It’s important for stories like Joni’s to be heard so women hear that it’s OK to mourn the loss of the birth they had hoped for while still being grateful for their healthy baby.joni-edelman-ravishly

Joni Edelman in a nutshell!

joni edelman

Body-positive intersectional feminist. BP Type II. Diet industry dropout. Wife. Mom of 5. Bibliophile. Cake aficionado. Editor In Chief @ Ravishly. Types 17 WPM. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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