Valerie’s journey to motherhood started with a surprise pregnancy in college that unexpectedly catapulted her into the world of midwifery, natural birth, and was a huge time of transformation in her life. Mosely was born at 40w5d in a birth center, surrounded by his dad, grandpa, grandma, aunt and midwife.

birth center birth

Three and a half years later her second pregnancy and birth center birth had a few hiccups along the way in the form of a subchorionic hemorrhage. Despite the minor complication, she delivered Rocco at 40w2d after only 1.5hr of active labor in the same birth center suite and surrounded by the exact same people plus a big brother and doula.

PPROM congenital heart defect

Five and a half years later, nothing could have prepared Valerie for the devastating complications she had to face with her third pregnancy.  Complications started around 9 weeks with a subchorionic hemorrhage.  Shortly after the bleeding stopped, her baby boy was diagnosed with congenital heart defects via ultrasound and fetal echo.  Then, her water broke at 22 weeks.  They were given less a 1% chance of him surviving the pregnancy after the rupture.  She managed to miraculously stay pregnant after her PPROM (preterm premature rupture of membranes) for 9 very tumultuous weeks (one of which included a hospital stay for a suspected placenta abruption).  At 31w3d Rex was born after his parents arrived at the hospital just in time for Valerie to push him out into the hands of his NICU and CICU teams.  

Rex spent over 3 months in the hospital and had 4 open heart surgeries before he was 8 months old. Valerie is still amazed by the miracles that have taken place in her body and is excited to share the story of her miraculous boy that beat all the odds.

Valerie Rowekamp Bio

Valerie is a 37 year old mom of Mosely (12), Rocco (9) and Rex (3).  She’s a Texan living in Denver, Colorado since 2013.  Valerie is extremely passionate about style, beauty, personal growth, spirituality and women’s empowerment. She co-hosts Facing 40 podcast which celebrates the evolution that happens to women as they “level-up”.  You can find her on instagram @charmedvalerie and @facing40podcast or her blog

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